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The GAP Forum

We have established a GAP Forum, where interested users can discuss GAP related topics by e-mail. In particular this Forum is for questions and comments of general interest about GAP. We will read this Forum and answer questions and comments. Of course others are also invited to answer questions, etc.

If a serious bug is found in the sense that it leads to wrong results that cannot be easily recognized as such, a report on this bug will be made to the Forum. We will also announce future releases of GAP on this Forum.

So in order to be informed about bugs and their fixes as well as about additions to GAP and to be able to take part in discussions in the Forum we recommend that you subscribe to the GAP Forum.

Subscribing and posting to the Forum

To subscribe to the Forum, to change your email address for correspondence with the Forum, or to leave the Forum, please use the mailman page provided for this purpose. Once you are subscribed, this page will also allow you to obtain a list of the email addresses of the Forum members.

Note: To post to the address of the GAP Forum and to receive the letters written in the Forum you must be subscribed and the mail must originate from the same address (the `From:' field) by which you are subscribed to the Forum. This is a safety feature to avoid junk mail filling the list.

If you change your email address first unsubscribe from the old address and resubscribe from the new address.

The Forum Archive

All correspondence in the Forum is kept in the GAP Forum Archive.

GAP Support

If you require human help, but your request is likely not to be of interest to most other Forum members, please do not write to the GAP Forum, but send mail to

Also if you believe you have noticed a bug, please send a bug report to We will read your report, investigate the supposed bug, and inform you of the result of the investigation. If it turns out that indeed you noticed a bug it will be fixed and, if it turns out that the bug is serious in the sense that it leads to wrong results that cannot be easily recognized as such, a report on this bug will be made to the Forum. If possible, a fix will be published in the GAP Forum.

Other Fora

For theoretical questions on groups and related structures we like to point to the Group-Pub-forum in which such questions are answered and discussed by a large community of experts.
We provide links to further mathematical fora and to other addresses that we hope to be useful for mathematicians on the page 'To Outside World'.